Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday's Program for the Cookie Club, November 23

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 23rd is The Cookie Club, and oh, what ever are we going to work on that will increase our knowledge of Definitions, Position, and Formations? "All Eight Dixie Style to a Wave", "All Eight Reverse Dixie Style to a Wave" could be neat, along with "All 4 Couples Square Chain Thru" and "All 4 Couples Left Square Chain Thru". How about the difference between "Grand Remake" and "Remake The Column", or "Left Spin The Windmill, Ahead"starting from Facing Lines. So, if we get through all that and all the Calls on the A1 & A2 List, including In Roll, Out Roll & Split Motivate we could look at, "Common Spot Diamonds", and/or "Interlocked Diamonds" as in "Switch to an Interlocked Diamond", "Interlocked Diamond Circulate" & "Cut The Interlocked Diamond". Or we could, as always do Dancers Choice where you pick the Call you want to work on and we do that. I know, you're going to say, this is an aggressive program, but remember, it's only as aggressive as you want it to become, I make the Program, your skills will determine how far I can push it.Tomorrow is the second last Cookie Club for 2014 and December 14th will be the last, We will start back on Sunday January 11 2015.

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