Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Nov. 15th

As promised, here is the Sunday, November 16th. Cookie Club Program.
We will do a little review on the Calls below if needed,
1. In Roll Motivate.
2. Out Roll Motivate.
3. Split Motivate. 
4, Common Spot Diamonds.
5. Scoot Chain Thru starting from a Quarter Tag
6. All 4 Couples and All 8, Crossfire, Square Chain Thru, Follow Your Neighbour, Left Square Chain Thru, Scoot & Weave.

We will take a look at "Peel Off" from 2 Faced Lines and if that is successful we'll look at "Trail Off", also "Waves Of Three", and "Off Sets", provided we don't run out of time.

Should you have any call that you would like to work on then just let me know and we'll do that. I call this section of the program "Dancers Choice".

We hope to see you there, Roy G. Hobbs Community Centre.

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