Saturday, January 24, 2015


Hello, Cookie Club Dancers, here is the intended program for tomorrow afternoon, we hope to cover most of the Calls on the Advanced List (A1 & A2) and a little review on "Square The Bases" Why? you ask, because it is a great Positional Practice Call, where Dancers must remain aware of where they are at every moment during the Call. 
The Definition for Square The Bases, states that the Centres: Square Thru Three Hands, while The Ends Pass Thru and do an Ends Bend, they then start a Split Square Thru 2, finishing with the Centres, and All Trade By. here is a little tip, when the Ends Pass Thru, they must go forward a little extra to clear the Centres who are doing the Square Thru 3 and may take up to much space while doing it.  Once the Ends have cleared the Centres they can do an exact Ends Bend and start the Split Square Thru 2, The next little wiggle part for those in the Centre, is the Trade By which is a Right Shoulder Pass. 
"Rotary Spin" was the other Call we were playing with, but I think everyone understands it fairly well. 

Just so you understand why, I try to get you all through some of these Calls is, because, I truly believe, looking at these different Calls, which are somewhat complex, is just a way we can have a little fun, learn, and at the same time it helps all the Dancers gain more Positional Awareness and Control, which will prove to be a huge asset, should you get the opportunity to learn the next Program "C1" or Dance to one of the Professional Callers

Hopefully the weather and the roads will be good for driving tomorrow and we'll see you on the Dance Floor.

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